Why choose a Burromax electric motorbike?

Quality construction

Burromax electric motorbikes are built with a full tube-frame chassis, designed more like a street vehicle than a toy. Unlike many other electric motorbikes on the market, these bikes have a working front and rear adjustable suspension, disc brakes and alloy wheels. They’re built to last.

tt250 frame electric iconic minibikes
iconic electric minibike safety features

Safety features

Iconic Burrowmax Mini Bikes are battery powered and do not have a hot exhaust to worry about.  They do not require petrol, making them a lot safer for kids to use. 

The bike comes with a key, so children cannot start the bike with a simple flip of a switch.  Having a bike with a key also teaches some responsibility to children and keeps others off the bike when you’re not looking.

Parents can limit the speed for younger riders, with a very well hidden hi/low switch. 


Clean, green and quiet.

Once you join the electric revolution, you’ll never look back. Electric motorbikes don’t emit exhaust, foul odours and are quiet, making them acceptable in suburban settings. They’re easy to recharge from a standard home power point with a fast charging lithium batteries in the TT350R and TT750R models. They don’t use gas, but they don’t lack performance.

iconic electric minibikes tt350r key start
iconic electric minibikes tt750r electronic voltage display

Power and performance

Electric motorbikes have instant torque and power, delivering superior acceleration to a gas powered bike. The TT750R Thunderbolt is the fastest of the mini bikes available and guaranteed to impress even the staunchest petrol head. If you’re a learner, it’s easy to turn down the power.

Lightweight and portable

These bikes are compact, lightweight and can travel with you anywhere. Weighing between 22 to 28 kg, your bike is small enough to fit into almost any trunk. Even though they’re small, our bikes have a longer seat, better footrest placement and higher handlebars to accommodate riders up to 190 cm.

iconic electric minibikes tt750r rear mono suspension

Order your Burromax electric motorbike now

Iconic Mini Bikes is a registered distributor for Burromax in New Zealand.

You can find out more about these quality electric motorbikes from the Burromax website.

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