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X9 Off-road Air wheel folding Scooter

We’re super-excited about our new upgraded Iconic brand X9 folding scooter. Shop around and compare our price and specifications. If you pre-order through us, you’ll save – big-time.

This model charges in 8 – 9 hours and has an improved range of 65 km depending on your (ahem) body-weight and the incline of the terrain upon which you’re so serenely gliding. Is it a magic carpet? No. It won’t miraculously pull you up a steep hill, so you’ll still have some foot-based propulsion to add to the mix. But our scooter’s power is awesome for its size.

X9 500W Brushless High Performance Motor

  • Model: X9 Plus
  • Available in Black or Red
  • Max speed: 35 – 40 Km/h
  • Net weight: 23 kg
  • Range: 65km (depending on the rider’s weight and road condition)
  • Max load: 100kg
  • Charging time: 8 – 9 hours

X7 and X8 Off-road Air wheel folding Scooter

  • Aviation aluminium alloy appearance
  • Removable battery box
  • Cobra concept design
  • Triple brake system
  • Portable folding
  • Available in Silver or Black
iconic scooters X7 brushless high performance motor

350W Brushless High Performance Motor

8.5 inch | 10 inch
Anti-skid anti-vibration automotive grade vacuum tyre

  • The strongest shock absorption
  • Easy through speed bumps and uneven pavement
  • 15 degrees climbing angle
  • Max speed: 25kp/h to 32kp/h
  • Max range: 20km to 45km

LED Headlight & Tail Light

Super bright headlight, high brightness LED light. Riding safely in the dark. Flash when brake and in dark tail light.

Brake, triple brake

Disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system. High-efficency braking and quick response, safe and worry free riding.

Detachable automotive power lithium battery

20pcs battery cells combination, 187.2WH. Smooth in the rainy day. The battery is on the pole and has good waterproof performance. Replacement battery design.

Six smart protection:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Double overcharge protection
  • Double over discharge protection
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • Undervoltage automatic sleep

LED Display, preview speed at any time

High definition LED screen will let you know all kinds of situations at anytime and control the scooter situation. Ergonomics design, easy operation.

Non-slip handle design, push type throttle

Comfortable grip: The simple geometric anti-skid handle is designed to support long-term riding and is not easy to slip.

Free control of riding speed: Waterproof dial design, can be accelerated with a single push, convenient and comfortable to operate.

Lightweight design with one-handed walk

Tough aluminium alloy body, portable travel

The use of tough aluminium alloy as the main load-bearing material. Low density but high strength with excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

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