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Looking for the best electric motorbike to take hunting? Our Burromax TT1600R provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective and efficient option when it comes to hunting bikes.
With NZ cities getting busier, fuel prices skyrocketing and sustainability being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s important to look for cheaper, cleaner and more convenient ways to get around this beautiful country of ours. 
Watch the Burromax video on electric mini bike maintenance. Regular tune ups help your bike run at peak performance.
Watch the Burromax video on how to clean a mini bike. Regular cleaning is important for high performance of your bike.
Is it time to ditch the rental electric scooters and buy your own? We look at why buying an electric scooter can be the best option.
Are you looking for the best electric motorbike for hunting? Providing an eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation for traversing through tough terrains, electric motorbikes are lightweight, portable and easy to manoeuvre.