"What are people saying about these bikes"

“Our son Joe got his first Burromax for Xmas in 2020, it was the TT350R. Joe and his mates had so much fun riding it around we ordered a second bike this time we got a TT750R. The kids have so much fun, the bikes are very quiet so you don’t upset the neighbours or pets etc. I also ride the TT750R and I’m 98kg… so much fun I totally recommend them”. 
Russ Chidgey

ABSOLUTELY love this bike!

We purchased the TT750R for our children,
Thinking it would a great idea , which it absolutely was because even though this pocket rocket has so much power, it gives our kids the adrenaline buzz they love, but with a safe speed, as we have the option of turning it down to a 350 which rarely happened, why must you say ..because at 5years old our dirt bike riding child loved doing wheelies on take off and darting around the field.
Turning heads as he rode.

I remember when I first jumped on it, being a adult i went to apply the throttle ready for my Lil cruise and I ended up doing a wheelie on my butt 😄 yes on the grass it really can shift an adult that’s for sure.We whizz to the shop and back, we’ve towed a trolley cart behind it to the river with our swimming and BBQ gear. This little bike has so much capacity and power behind it don’t be me and under estimate these little pocket rockets.
They are worth the price 💯

Hi beam lights for your night rides,
Batteries last well
Comfortable bikes with the slick design.
Great built bikes
And has lasted our family of 2 adults 4 kids so much fun memories.
Time for us to order another !

Thank you Wayne for being outstanding with communication always quick to respond.

Great product 👌

Shontel Theresa

Places it shouldn’t go

“I’m going to be honest. We as a family have put this bike in places it shouldn’t go. My son has drowned the bike, it’s pulled other kids in a trolley, and we even use it to go down to the shops and back.

These little machines go above and beyond what they should, they are great value for a family that wants a reason to get out and about, without all the fuss of a petrol motorbike.

Almost every part is replaceable and Wayne has never let us down with advice or assisting us on parts.

Snow, mud, grass they can handle it!!!!

Thanks so much Wayne, we look forward to buying another one in the near future.”

Adam Fosbender,

Definitely our kids favourite toy!

“We bought a TT350 Minibike off Wayne 18 months ago and it’s a hit with every child that comes to our house. It’s very easy to ride, easy to charge, very easy to control with the two speeds, hours of outdoor fun! It’s light enough to be able to take places with you too. Ours has proved very reliable after having been used by many kids. Wayne was fabulous to deal with and we have no hesitation in highly recommending Iconic Minibikes to all of our friends”.

Chris & Sarah Wiffin
Hawke’s Bay
“We purchased the TT350R for our 6 yr old son as his first motorbike and it has been an absolute hit, with everyone. It’s quiet enough for him to ride around our cul-de-sac, but can also go out for a ride with Dad or both of them together!   Thanks for a fantastic mini bike and for the prompt service when purchasing”.
Sarah Gerhardt

Hi Wayne,

I just thought you may be interested to know how thrilled my grandsons are with their new Thunderbolt minibikes. They are truly awesome……
They still have them in their bedrooms in the evening making sure no one should get them!!! They have been a real hit and they are both riding them really well now.
Certainly it was the better choice of going for the next model up. Their father has no intention of increasing the speed for them any time soon!!!
Thank you again for your patience and service.
Chris Tucker
Havelock North.

We’ve loved our Burromax minibike!

“My 13 year old son was seen whizzing to and from his mates’ houses in Pauanui all summer. It’s been great to get to the shops for milk/bread a little quicker than a peddle bike. He looks ‘cooler’ doing it of course too! He has towed his little brother behind it on his skateboard and across the estuary line on his skim board. Now Mr 6 wants it and Mr 13 wants to upgrade. Thank you for a great product!!”
Cate Rainbow
St Heliers, Auckland

Thanks for the memories,

“The TT350R has been an awesome investment for my 5 year old, we regularly do 20k rides with him on his TT350R and me on my mountain bike!”

Brad Oliver

3 Bike family

“We first purchased the Little Ripper TT250 for our nine year old for Christmas last year. Within a week we purchased our second mini bike the TT350R Dynamo because they were so much fun riding the flat streets in a holiday area. Our third bike – the TT750R Pit Bike came four months later, this bike is a lot gruntier than the TT350R.  All bikes are well used, and are enjoyed by a vast age group.

Wayne has been amazing to deal with, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. We highly recommend these bikes.”

Damien and Amanda
Milford, Auckland
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