Which ride on motorcycle for kids is best?

Let’s start by saying our ride on motorcycles are suitable for kids of all ages, including adults. When choosing the right bike for you or your family, simply consider these factors:

1. The rider’s experience
2. The size of the rider
3. The bike’s purpose

Choose your bike

Young and beginners

TT250 Little Ripper Mini Motorbike

Best for young and beginner riders

The Little Ripper is best for riders up to 70kg riding on hard packed surfaces. If your kids are under 35kg, it’ll go anywhere in any terrain. It will take a rider up to 90kg, but only on flat, sealed surfaces such as pavement. You can throttle down the speed to make learning to ride easier.

Family bike

TT350R Dynamo Electric Mini Bike

Best all round family bike

The Dynamo has the power to carry riders up to 115kg, with a slow speed switch making it suitable for learner riders as well as experienced riders. It’s a versatile model designed for kids, campers, racers and people wanting a very cool piece for mobility in a small package.
Experienced riders

TT750R Thunderbolt Pit Bike

Best model for experienced riders

The Thunderbolt will carry riders up to 115kg. We recommend this model for experienced riders who want a bike built for speed. With instant torque and acceleration, the Thunderbolt is built to deliver the level of performance experienced riders demand from a bike.