TT350R Dynamo Electric Mini Bike


The Dynamo Electric Mini Bike is our best all round performer for all the family, suitable for learner riders right through to experienced riders. It has two power settings and can carry riders up to 115kg. Compact and light, you’ll be able to take your bike with you wherever you go. With a long lasting, quick charging lithium battery, the Dynamo Electric Mini Bike is a big upgrade in ride time and performance over the TT250.

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Add a custom bodywork kit pre installed.
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None Hot Pink Carbon +$150.00 Red Carbon +$150.00 Purple Carbon +$150.00 Rainbow +$150.00


No gas, No smell, No Heat, Low maintenance and easy to operate and almost no noise.

Why buy a Burromax TT350R Mini Bike? Quality, with lots of features, at a fair price is number one! Try this before you buy the ultra cheap box store brands or the ultra expensive dealership models. We like to say we sell joy and happiness at a fair price.

Here are a few more reasons to take one home.

  • 2 Speed modes with hidden safety switch for Low 17 kph or High 27 kph. A great safety feature for children
  • Much cooler looking bikes with hydro dipped carbon fiber colours
  • Expect 22 kilometre range with 80kg rider and 30 kilometre plus with 45kg riders on flat ground wide open. Heavy riders need hard relatively flat surface and lighter riders can go about anywhere. Hills will burn up battery ride time
  • Faster charging, full charge in 3 to 3.5 hours and partial charging is OK
  • Lithium Ion Battery Performance! If you own a drill with one in it, enough said. A large part of the cost of this bike is the battery cost and they are better in many ways than any lead acid battery bike
  • Looks like a scaled down motorcycle down to the details-not a plastic toy
  • Full suspension that works
  • Variable throttle speed controllers, others use on off throttle
  • Disc Brake
  • We tell you the True motor size our TT350R is 350W, others state 350 or 400 and give you a 250W motor. If you are looking for that, look at our TT250
  • Upgradeable performance and accessories

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Yellow Lightning, Blue Flame, Green Skull, Red Lightning, Matte Black Carbon, Shiney Black Carbon