TT1000R Thunderbolt Electric Mini Bike


The TT1000R Thunderbolt Mini Bike offers up a midsized Burromax Mini Bike that has lots of performance and features you will enjoy that are on par with the larger TT1600R but in a smaller package. This totally new heavy duty frame design uses larger axles, brakes and forks than the TT750R and combines them with some TT1600 components to make a very durable chassis for larger riders.

Stronger and with an extra padded seat, this bike was made to accommodate riders up to 6’3″ comfortably and can pull up to 158kg on pavement. We keep the bike weight down to 37kg and pack in a ton of performance with 4 selectable ride modes. Two ride modes are soft and easy to ride and two ride modes for those who want power right now! With stock gearing, and a very powerful Brushless Motor, it comes in with a top speed of 48 km/h, quick acceleration and lots of hill climbing ability.

We have a new 3 mode headlight feature of Hi, Lo and strobe, as well as Halo side running lights or super bright LED sidelights for safety and campers. This is a great bike for people who started out on the smaller TT series Burromax bikes and want more power, but like the small size for transporting and storage. This bike is about 3-4″ longer and 3-4″ taller than the TT350R/TT750R.

We are sure you will be impressed with the quality and features. Fun for the whole family, this bike is made for experienced teenagers and adult riders. This bike is intended for off-road, camping and pit-bike environments.


  • 1000 Watt Brushless DC Motor with 48V 17.4 Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • 48 km/h on flat ground wide open with 90kg rider – 32 km/h low speed
  • Up to 158kg rider
  • Up to 32 km/h range on flat ground wide open
  • 4 Selectable Rider Modes – Standard Hi and Soft Hi (Low Mode is Hidden push button)
  • Handle bar mounted LED gauge with speed, voltage and range and a Standard/Soft push button
  • Keyed Ignition switch
  • Super loud push button electric horn or a passing bell mounted at the brake lever
  • Super bright LED 3 mode headlight, tail light and side lights-selectable Halo or Bright
  • Dual USB ports for device charging
  • Mechanical 160mm Disc Brakes Front and Rear
  • Burromax Track Tires for off road and pavement operation
  • Front and rear suspension for a great ride
  • Thicker seat for comfort
  • Handy grab rail
  • Waterproof micro plugs
  • 4 Amp 54.6V Lithium Ion battery charger included
  • Twist Grip variable acceleration control
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Heavy duty retractable kickstand
  • Heavy Duty folding footrest
  • Long lasting chain drive
  • Upgradable Performance Products Available!
  • Tools included


  • Mid Sized between TT750 and TT1600R
  • Expect max speed of 48 km/h with stock gearing
  • Performance Upgrades are available for 61 km/h Performance
  • Expect 32 km/h range with 90kg rider and 28 km/h with 113kg riders on flat ground. Testing was done on road surfaces and with wide open throttle for entire test.
  • Fast charging, full charge in 4-6 hours and partial charging is OK
  • Lithium Ion Battery Performance – 17.4 AH 48V Lithium Ion NCM
  • 4 Speed modes with hidden switch – 32 km/h to 48 km/h Top Speed.
  • Full suspension that works
  • Variable throttle speed
  • 160mm Disc Brake
  • 1000W brushless DC Motor
  • Up to 158kg rider on flat hard pack surfaces and up to 90kg riders for off road
  • Standard with 3 mode headlight, High-Low-Strobe
  • Thin line LED taillight
  • Taller handle bars with cross bar for accessories
  • Accessories are available
  • Box Size: 117×28.5x52cm
  • Box Weight: Gross 42.5kg, Bike Only 37kg 

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Matte Black Carbon, Shiney Black Carbon, White Carbon