Top 5 Benefits of Using an Electric Scooter in NZ

Man carrying portable x8 electric scooter

The 22nd of September is recognised globally as World Car Free Day, so we thought what better time than to look at the top 5 benefits of electric scooters. With NZ cities getting busier, fuel prices skyrocketing and sustainability being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s important to look for cheaper, cleaner and more convenient ways to get around this beautiful country of ours. 

The top 5 benefits of using an electric scooter:

  1. Portability and convenience
  2. Cost-effective mode of transportation
  3. An eco-friendly alternative to cars
  4. Health and wellbeing 
  5. Easy-to-use and fun


Portable and convenient

If you live in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, you’ll be no stranger to rush hour traffic. Traffic congestion not only increases air pollution, but also increases peak hour stress levels. With an e-scooter, you can easily navigate through tight spaces and reach your destination far quicker than if you were relying on your car or public transport.

Depending on the model of electric scooter you buy, you can even save on the hassle and cost of finding somewhere to park your vehicle, by folding up your scooter and taking it with you. This means it’s always ready to take you where you need to go. Plus, it can get you where you need to go faster than a traditional bike or just using your feet!

A cost-effective mode of transportation

Comparing electric scooters to the cost of traditional car ownership; the scooter is a clear winner when it comes to cost savings. You will not only save on the initial cost of buying the vehicle, but also on fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking fees. With fuel prices escalating every year, the lower cost of charging an electric scooter is very appealing. 

Electric scooters are the perfect choice for university students and young professionals needing an easy, convenient and affordable way to get themselves to their place of work or study.

We recommend choosing a scooter that provides good value for money to avoid higher maintenance costs or needing to replace your electric scooter sooner than you should need to. Don’t choose the cheapest scooter on the market, but rather find one that suits your needs from a reputable supplier that offers aftersale support, repairs and accessories (like us!).    

An eco-friendly alternative to cars

Here in New Zealand, we take pride in our beautiful, pristine environment, and finding an eco-friendly transport alternative to cars is crucial to achieving the nation’s sustainability goals. For daily commutes and short trips, electric scooters provide the perfect solution with zero emissions and a reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution in cities. 

Contributing to health and wellbeing

Kiwis love their outdoor lifestyle, so what better way to get around than enjoying the fresh air and taking in your surroundings on an electric scooter as opposed to being sat in traffic in your car or pressed up against someone on a crowded bus. 

Scooting can even be seen as a form of light exercise as the posture and balance required to ride an electric scooter works your leg muscles and requires you to engage your core to stay upright!

Easy to use and fun too!

Electric scooters come in many different sizes and specifications, so choosing the right one for your specific needs makes them easy to use and a highly convenient form of transportation or recreation. We have scooters available for lots of different requirements: lightweight and portable ones for uni students, higher spec ones for tackling hills on an Auckland or Wellington CBD commute, as well as off-road models for weekend recreation.

Electric scooters are a fun way to get around, breathe in some fresh air and discover this beautiful country of ours. 

Check out our full range of electric scooters or visit us at our Hawke’s Bay showroom and we’ll help you find the right scooter for you.  

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