Best electric motorbike for hunting

Burromax TT1600R - the best electric motorbike for hunting.

Are you looking for the best electric motorbike for hunting? More and more NZ hunters are discovering the benefits of electric motorbikes. Providing an eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation for traversing through tough terrains, electric motorbikes are lightweight, portable and easy to manoeuvre. Most importantly, they can cover reasonable distances quickly and quietly, meaning unlike traditional hunting vehicles, you can glide through the terrain without disturbing your prey.

The Burromax TT1600R – ideal for hunters

When shopping around for the best hunting bike, we know that there are lots of factors at play, including size, weight, load capacity as well as range and battery capacities and charging times. Here at Iconic Mini Bikes and Scooters, we reckon our TT1600R Thunderbolt Utility Bike packs a punch for hunters and many of our customers agree.

Size, weight and load capacity

Weighing just 44.5 kg and measuring 110 x 28 x 63cm, the TT1600R is able to be lifted over forestry fences and carried in the back of your SUV or ute. With a load capacity of up to 160 kgs, the bike can handle carrying all of your equipment and game without effort. The compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre through tight spaces and challenging terrains, allowing hunters to cover ground that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Range and speed

With a fully charged battery, this bike can travel up to 50 kms in distance at speeds of up to 50 kph (with a 90kg rider). Featuring a 1600w brushless DC motor and a 52V 23.4 Ah lithium ion battery, the bike takes just 4-6 hours to reach full charge. The range and speed of this bike makes it excellent for long hunting trips. With significantly lower operating costs compared to gas-powered vehicles, hunters will save money in the long run with these affordable bikes.

Comfort and quiet

The TT1600R has a nice thick seat, providing you with comfort across all types of terrain, including dirt roads, rocky tracks and steep hills. The electric motor produces minimal noise, allowing hunters to move stealthily through the bush and approach their prey undetected.

Check out all of the features of the TT1600R Thunderbolt Utility Bike.

Off-Road Hunters Performance Package for your TT1600R

Burromax Performance Off Road Hunters Kit for TT1600R


Manufactured in the US, the Burromax bikes come fully supported with spare parts and accessories. We stock many of these in our Hastings showroom and are able to help you with adapting, repairing and maintaining your bike.

For hunters, we are able to order the Burromax off-road hunters performance package to upgrade your bike for better hunting performance. This package is designed specifically for maximum power, torque and grip for hunters looking to get out deep into the woods or riders who need more traction for dirt riding.

The performance upgrade package includes a set of Cat Claw off-road tyres, high output 50 amp controller, speed switch with bracket, 10 tooth motor sprocket and a larger 80 tooth rear sprocket and chain. You can expect more torque, greater grip in the dirt and a top speed of 50 kph while only sacrificing 15% of your battery riding time.

Have a chat with Wayne and the team to find out if the TT1600R is right for you. Better still, visit our Hastings showroom and test ride a bike today.

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