How to assemble a Burromax Mini Bike

5 iconic electric minibikes in green paddock

Burromax mini bikes are built to last and cleverly designed and manufactured in the USA to be easy to assemble and maintain. These electric motorcycles come flat packed with easy to follow instructions.

Bill Francis from Burromax has also created lots of how-to videos to help with assembling, upgrading and maintaining your mini bike. Below we share his unboxing, showcasing and assembly videos for each of the bikes we stock.

Assembling the TT250R

Designed for kids and learners, the TT250 Little Ripper Electric Mini Motorbike is the perfect entry level bike and can be adapted as the rider’s needs change.

Assembling the TT350R

With the ability to carry riders up to 100kg, the TT350R Dynamo Electric Mini Bike is the best all round family bike, loved by kids and adults alike.

Assembling the TT750R

Experienced riders with a need for speed will love the TT750R Thunderbolt Electric Pit Bike.

Assembling the TT1600R

When it’s time to upgrade to a more powerful ride, you can’t go past the TT1600R Thunderbolt Utility Bike.

At Iconic Mini Bikes and Scooters, we love how easy it is to put together the Burromax bikes, but if you’re still having trouble or require extra parts, accessories or repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.